Virgo horoscope for january 23

Shocking news arrives today. The moon in Virgo illuminates the partnership sector of your chart and a secure energy flows in your community. Surprising changes are taking place, and they're happening as you stand in the spotlight—choose your words wisely because the world is listening!

Communication planet Mercury clashes with Uranus, the planet of surprises, bringing some eyeopening information your way. Your inner voice has plenty of news, too, and your psychic abilities are especially heightened at this time—listen!

Virgo Traits and Star Sign Personality |

Your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Uranus, bringing a conversation about change that may feel sudden, unexpected, or nerve-wracking. The moon in Virgo encourages you to connect with your sense of home and family to stay grounded. Shocking news is shared! A risk is taken. The moon in Virgo asks that you be practical at this time. You are able to share hospitality and enjoy the good things of life with family and friends.

Pleasure and sensuality in personal relationships leads to promise and commitment!

You are ready to celebrate life with the joy that is experienced deep within. Colour cherry red.

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You display great skill in material and financial aspects while completing projects and creative ventures. You manage business matters efficiently but need to avoid penny wise and pound-foolish attitudes.

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Personal relationships gain depth and understanding. Lucky number 8. Colour red. You have been struggling to achieve success by fighting, possessing and dominating without getting too far or ever being satisfied. Allow people who care about you to come closer, to love and nourish you.

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Start the day by forgiving others and yourself. Lucky number Colour brown. Every moment there is a possibility to be total with whatever you are doing when you are completely absorbed and the mind is not thinking but is just a presence. The wondrous quality of this moment brings vitality to all that you do. Romance is on the cards!

Virgo Personality: August 23 - September 22

Lucky number 5. Colour yellow. In an attitude of openness and acceptance you can be healed and help others also to be healthy and whole around you. Relationships are loving and caring. Professional situations no longer stress you with a feeling of inadequacy.

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