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Scorpio Asc. Scorpio Ascendant, plutocrats are having an immense influence over American politics. Scorpio Ascendant and another trine to Jupiter in Cancer. Scorpio Rising horoscope. The symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle. Michael O'Reilly. Also available at the. Currently, progressed Venus is heading toward Chiron, showing the stressed employment numbers.

The collapse of the automakers began when transiting Pluto entered into an opposition to the U. Mars a few years ago.

Using Your Midheaven as a Career Guide

Industries based on metal extraction are not favored. For the first time in U. Over the past year it has opposed Venus, leading to the current credit crisis. Mars is a key in the health care discussions as ruler of the 6th house of health, and located in the 8th house of insurance and budgets. P2 Ascendant and P2 Jupiter were conjunct. I n the Scorpio Rising chart with its many planets in the 8th house, we see a nation built on capitalism and leveraged assets. Election day always takes place when the Sun is in Scorpio. This date falls between November 2 and 8, which is when the Sun crosses the U.

Scorpio Ascendant. On July 1, , Congress reconvened. The following day, the Lee Resolution for independence was adopted by 12 of the 13 colonies, New York not voting. Immediately afterward, the Congress began to consider the Declaration. Adams and Franklin had made only a few changes before the committee submitted the document.

The discussion in Congress resulted in some alterations and deletions, but the basic document remained Jefferson's. The process of revision continued through all of July 3 and into the late morning of July 4. Then, at last, church bells rang out over Philadelphia; the Declaration had been officially adopted.

When was the Declaration of Independence Adopted? The answer to this question determines what the rising sign is for the U. A precise time would also give the exact degree of the rising sign. No one knows for sure, but the official U. S government's account of the events gives a ballpark time of late morning to early afternoon:. Figuring out the hour and minute when the Declaration was adopted is then a matter of rectification.

However, it's an odd and unexplained fact that the obverse side of a hundred dollar bill shows a time of pm or perhaps pm. Here's a close-up of the clock, which is housed in the bell tower steeple of Independence Hall where the Declaration was adopted. The time may be when the famous Liberty Bell started ringing to announce the historic event.

In basic astrology, the Scorpio archetype is naturally associated with the warrior. Across the planet, other nations feel the influence of U. Or, one could think of the Scorpio archetype on the national level as a financial power house. In the earliest times, the U. Later, loans from England, and the growing ability to leverage capital allowed corporations to grow in influence to the point where corporations nowadays have the same constitutional rights as people. When Scorpio is rising, four planets are found in the 8th house of capitalism, doubling the sense of Scorpio as a corporate archetype.

One of the nation's proudest moments came when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Astronaut Neil Armstrong's first words at this historic moment were "The Eagle has landed. The Scorpio Archetype.

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Nor could Uranus, representing the urge for independence and freedom, be placed on the Ascendant, since it wasn't even discovered until The Gemini Rising chart's popularity can probably be attributed to Evangeline Adams, who is often referred to as "America's most famous astrologer. She made a number of accurate predictions using a chart set for am on July 4, , and so her followers and the followers of her followers latched onto this chart. Without knowing the time the Declaration was signed, he placed Uranus on the Ascendant to depict the revolutionary nature of the event.

So her use of the Gemini Rising chart is not based on any timed event from , but the symbolic chart with Uranus on the Ascendant. The fact that Uranus wasn't discovered until should underscore that Benjamin Franklin did not set his stopwatch for this moment.

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Personally, I believe that the Gemini Rising chart's often accurate correlations to historical events is due to its being a mirror image of the Scorpio Rising chart. Campion estimates that half of American astrologers who profess a preference use some version of a Gemini Ascendant. Perhaps if they knew of this charts' origins, they might switch to one that has more historic support. The Origin of the. Gemini Rising U. Your penetrating mind is both respected and feared by colleagues. You excel in areas like depth psychology, criminal investigating, hypnosis, dramatic arts, or social sciences.

You prefer to have long periods to work in solitude without interruption. You might make your mark by transforming waste into something reusable. You shine light into the shadows and are not afraid to tread in dark, primal psychic territory. You're good at spotting hidden motives, and this serves you in any endeavor. You're likely to undergo a metamorphosis several times, possibly changing careers. People with Midheavens in Sagittarius are expansive and open to inter-disciplinary fields.

Drawn to sharing what you know with others, through teaching, counseling or as a spiritual quester and guide. You're the eternal student and thrive in life work that allows you to research, investigate, explore, philosophize and connect dots. Some such fields are higher education, the clergy, journalism, languages, writing, photography, filmmaking, and theatre.

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Travel unlocks new possibilities, as you weave in cross-cultural influences, ideas, and wisdom. You're suited to climbing personal mountains and have a heightened level of endurance to reach your goals. Those with earthy charts veer into fields like farming, real estate, food product businesses, horticulture.

Midheaven 101—What the 10th House Cusp Shows about You

This is a mega-ambitious Midheaven and one that gears you toward stability, wealth-building and slow, sure steps to success. Your public persona is serious and determined, and this earns you respect. You make use of your time and resources and know how to gain support from others. You bring an unconventional attitude to your life's work and you love excitement, glamour, and originality.

You're willing to follow a genius idea to its fruition, even if that means bucking tradition and being labeled a rebel in your field.

Your Midheaven Sign Determines Your Career Success, Here's How To Find Yours

It's possible, you'll make sudden breakthroughs that gain you notoriety. You are challenged by gadgets and cosmic science and could be drawn into astronomy, astrology, computer science, engineering. But you're just as likely to ride the currents of trends, in fashion, design, experimental art, and music. You may make your mark as an instigator for social change, especially progressive causes that you believe will better humanity.

Midheaven —What the 10th House Cusp Shows about You | Sky Writer

You might find special interest in the idea of extra-terrestrial life, and pursue it as part of your quest to go beyond the usual limits of thought. You shine in fields where you're able to swim in deep waters. Pisces is a very creative Mid-heaven, that sets you up to be an artist, performer, a healer, a friend to kids and animals, and use your intuition as a tool. Your strength is your sensitivity, but also may keep you from claiming your full potential.

Your gift is to shape the collective messages, through song, story, nurturing, spiritual teachings, and just by being who you are. You may be drawn to working on or near the water, and have the ability to tune into non-verbal kinds of communication animals, marine life, nature spirits, elementals, inter-dimensional beings.

Your career according to your midheaven sign

Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Table of Contents Expand. Leo Midheavens make great motivational speakers, actors, singers, organization leaders, film directors, spokespersons, businessmen, or politicians — really, any career that puts them in the spotlight or in the public eye in some way and appeals to their financial desires. It is your birthright. If you have a Midheaven in Virgo, careers that offer stability and practicality are a priority.

You need to develop inner calm, to direct your energy constructively, and to develop self-confidence. Your analytical mind and eye for detail should be used towards improving and bringing order to existing situations, for the benefit of both yourself and the world. You prefer to work from behind the scenes and can be drawn to science, research, medicine, psychology, or the literary arts. If your Midheaven is in Libra, you need harmony and balance in your career. You are meant to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and you are willing to fight for it. In childhood, self-improvement and assertion may have been the focus on your life.

Now, however, you are looking towards focusing on others, providing justice and harmony to people, places, and situations. You have a knack for attracting great opportunities and for connecting with your charming and diplomatic persona. Libra Midheavens make great psychologists, therapists, lawyers, judges, diplomats, interior designers, architects, and musicians. Fight for your passion and your art! If you have your Midheaven in Scorpio, you need a career that fulfills your need for curiosity and financial security.

You are meant to shine a light in the darker areas of human existence that often go unrecognized. Scorpio Midheavens make great criminal psychologists, detectives, actors, healers, accountants, bankers, stockbrokers, and therapists. You have an ability to see the truth underneath the lies and the stories people so often tell themselves, and you believe that exposing these truths is difficult but necessary for the good of all. Your ability to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time is a blessing but your passion for your career dies out once you feel that you have mastered it.

Transformation in career is common for Scorpios. Trust your instincts, follow your gut. If your Midheaven is in Sagittarius, you need a career that allows you to travel to new places, explore foreign lands, and experience other ways of life to feed your philosophical curiosity. You are meant to be on the move, to be an eternal student and teacher, and to share your wisdom and humor.

Sagittarius Midheavens make great pilots, flight attendants, touring musicians, photographers, travel consultants, or can be drawn to religious or spiritual vocations. An explorer who thrives off knowing people from all walks of life, you enjoy socializing, researching, investigating, and connecting the dots when it comes to ideas, people, and theories. To you, we are all interconnected. Find work wherein you can have independence when it comes to your schedule and that allows you to take your work wherever you go.

If you have your Midheaven in Capricorn, you need a career that allows you to be the boss and leave your mark on the world. Ambitious, at times to a fault, you take your career seriously and are able to shut everything out and focus. You are meant to make a name for yourself and to make as much money as possible! Capricorn Midheavens make natural CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers. With your diligence and drive, you are self-made and will inhabit a position that commands respect, in any path you pursue.

You can be stern and intimidating when first put in power. You must learn that toning down the bossiness and displaying more compassion can lead to more productivity and respect. If you have your Midheaven in Aquarius, you need a career that allows you freedom and that brings out your originality.

No doubt you dream of making the world a better place and are meant to do just that. You get high on bringing something new to the table, and you prefer a specialized job or one that only you can do.