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Just rough them up a bit. This year, you will be ready to accept changes to the living room, and possibly even a new sofa.

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Scorpio With Mercury doing something or other and then the opposite, sit tight this year and don't do anything at all, as it might give you cancer. Although melancholic by nature, you're right to think that while everyone enjoys a nice bowl of soup, surely there is more to life. You are also right to think that anyone who reads their horoscope is a loon, although this does not apply to you. Beware the 12th of May, which will almost certainly lead to the 13th.

Similarly, beware four o'clock, which can quickly lead to ten past.

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Libra When a year-old girl disappears from the outskirts of Manchester in June, your Libran psychic powers will be called upon by the police. After sniffing the girl's scarf, you will see a river, beech trees and a tall, thickset man wearing a hat and accompanied by an animal.

A dog, perhaps?

At the time, the girl will be trapped underneath a collapsed shed at the bottom of her garden, but as you will say to the police, while momentarily forgetting you are Libran with psychic powers: how was I to know? The police will thank you for wasting their valuable time but you will not get a commendation.

Pisces You will get rid of your muffin top in time for summer by sewing yourself into a bag of starving ferrets. You will, however, still have a big bum. Give gladly and look after yourself well in the absence of anyone else doing it. It's important not to soak up other people's worries, so make this the year you tell others to get stuffed.

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Once in a while, try to hide yourself away from the hustle of everyday life and its commitments to recover your inner peace. Should you struggle to find your inner peace, check behind the sofa cushions.

Birth Data for Usama Bin Laden (aka Osama Bin Laden).

Leo You will start hearing voices in your head, and this voice will ask: why are you reading this rubbish? You may even be hearing it right now. If so, it can only be because you have forgotten to take your medication. Virgo There is every chance that, this year, stuff will happen to you, your phone will go, cars will drive past your house and you will be happy unless you are sad. Should this prediction not come true, we will eat our scarf.


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In , he forecast that Edward Kennedy would become US president, that Richard Nixon would make a political comeback and that there would be a United States of Europe, from which France would be expelled. As predictions go, these were just a little wide of the mark. Like him, they proved to be commercially astute. Some have proved just a little too astute. One regional newspaper astrologer managed to insinuate into her forecasts mentions of the benefits of taking a seaweed called kelp.

She was dismissed after it was discovered she had connections to a company selling kelp capsules.

Newspaper astrology has been popular ever since the Sunday Express ran the first column in , to greet the birth of Princess Margaret. Editors, no matter how sceptical they may be of astrology, know how popular it is with readers. And the major beneficiaries have been astrologers themselves. They are, truly, newspaper stars.