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In , while archiving early election certificates used to propose people to be admitted to the Royal Astronomical Society , P. The reasons for the disguise are unknown. Hingley notes that many contemporary publications attempted to suggest women had played a role in their creation, perhaps to make them sound less threatening. He suggests that anonymity might have been necessary to protect Bloxam's position at Rugby, but notes Rugby was quite progressive, which makes this unlikely; and, finally, suggests modesty as a possibility.

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First edition " Pisces ", without stars in the surrounding constellations. This was changed for the second edition, which added back stars around theose constellations. A "Second Part" of Urania's Mirror , which was to have included illustrations of the planets and a portable orrery , was advertised, [8] but no evidence exists to show it was ever released.

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Plate 1: Draco and Ursa Minor. Plate 2: Camelopardalis , Tarandus and Custos Messium. Plate 3: Cassiopeia. Plate 5: Gloria Frederici , Andromeda , and Triangula [9]. Plate 8: Lynx and Telescopium Herschilii. Plate Hercules and Corona Borealis.


Plate Delphinus , Sagitta , Aquila , and Antinous. Plate Pegasus and Equuleus. Plate Aries and Musca Borealis. Plate Leo Major and Leo Minor. The constellations depicted, in the order they are listed on the cards, are: [2].

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Second edition "Pisces", with the surrounding stars. Plate 4: Cepheus.

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Plate 7: Auriga. Plate 9: Ursa Major. Plate Taurus.

Plate Gemini. Plate Cancer. Plate Virgo. Plate Libra.

Plate Capricornus. Plate Pisces. Plate Orion. Draco Ursa Minor Camelopardalis Tarandus obsolete, representing a reindeer, also called Rangifer [10] Custos Messium obsolete, literally translated as the Harvest Keeper, but intended as a pun on the comet hunter Charles Messier. A bull can be able to meet, talk and enjoy the common projects or images that they find themselves on "the same sound" by friends.

Horoscope On 19 February, the full moon in the Oigh will be held, which will affect pragmatism, but also a particular emphasis on the relationships between parents and children. The keywords of the time, to them, the interest, the duty, the balance, the pragmatic, the necessities that are as romantic, but essential in their fragile economy, which prevent them from moving themselves in non-essential divisions and in symbols.

Between 21 February, after Between 17 February, after On 18 February, Kiron will enter the Aries mark, a signal that will go regularly until June , and will leave it positively after its release on April 17, Horoscope During this time, it will introduce, once or more, personal injury from friends who adversely affect the indigenous people, eliminate or show defects of character, behavior, of course. Time of "life lessons" begins their relationship between relationships, and more importantly, the Games age will be, and they will training and coming up.

Horoscope On 19 February, the Sun will enter Fisces signs and, for a month, will professionally support them, and allowing them to succeed, and respect them. On 19 February, this section will affect a full moon in the Oigh, which may also indicate that it is important for a home or home regulatory or organizational case. Source link. The bull is very realistic with their colleagues, Gemini is a get a life lesson. The bull is very realistic with their colleagues, Gemini is a get a life lesson romania February 16, romania.

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