Draconic astrology explained

Natal charts hold a ton of information as it is — what is the point of adding more?

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As soon as I saw that, things made total sense. In my opinion, nothing about either is good or bad or better over the other.

The Draconic Zodiac in Synastry

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Draconic Astrology: Getting in Touch with Our Deeper Self

Draconic astrology rests on notions of change, of destined intent Vs actual reality. Why go looking at Draconic? Duality exists here because how you process things through morals, values and natural desire that can vary greatly from how you deal with things that are a part of your material world and personality, which are ruled by your natal chart.

It tells you who you really are, what brings you joy and how you express synthesizing the world before judgement ever comes into the picture.

RE Alyssa Sharpe Intro to Draconic Astrology

Furthermore, the reading can also give insight into soulmates and fate, if those are components of your astrological or spiritual practice. No matter what you believe with regard to a world outside Earth, draconic charts can help you understand who you are at your core by indicating what qualities your soul possesses and how you express them. Your draconic chart is meant to be read alongside your tropical natal chart because no matter your perspective on the chart readings, your true self in draconic astrology is calculated from your typical chart.

Introduction to the Draconic Zodiac

When you compare your natal and draconic charts, you are able to easily and fully understand placements, such as important houses Imum Coeli IC and its counterpart, Midheaven or Medium Coeli MC. Although the sun, moon and rising signs are important in this soul-based astrology , the fourth house, or the Draconic IC, is the most interesting because it tells the most astrology can about individual families.

The Draconic IC is the family people want to have in this life, while the natal IC represents the family people actually have, and actually need. If you subscribe to the belief of reincarnation, the IC is vital to understanding your connection with ancestors, roots and the source of life. In a one-life philosophy, it can show you how your fundamental beliefs work and how you stay grounded or what you do to feel satisfied in a deeper sense.

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When calculating or getting a calculation for draconic compatibility , there is less free will in the relationship and it requires a perspective of understanding that reflects love, which shows the kinds of bonds people have and how they establish and work on those things. Ultimately, it reflects how two souls work together throughout time. The different planets in draconic charts, including in the tropical zodiac, represent different qualities and areas of life; however, in draconic charts the focus is on how the soul functions and in what ways it expresses or manifests itself in your life.

Draconic astrology should be remembered and studied because it can help you develop a greater understanding for your soul and that of others.

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This archaic study can become an indicator for how long-term relationships unfold. Better yet, you can find out what your draconic chart is by going online.

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