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As I am unfamiliar with vedic astrology I can only quote the author that this program has limited features in order to enable a floppy-sized download file. The windows Help has a glossary of terms and other info. This program has an e-group for further information and discussion. As there is'nt enough bandwidth at the site for downloading the software, the author has made it available on CD and only requests a donation within your capacity for mailing it to you.

He has also made available two smaller downloads for those who feel they do not need the complete full version. Many thanks go to the Author for releasing it as freeware. FF: 9. A SourceForge Project. Free source code available on request. KP Muhurat Astrology is a program based on a book by Sri.

Kanak Bosmia the download site for this program and uses KP Astrology principles.

SYNASTRY - Relationship Compatibility Astrology \\ How Synastry Works

April March RSS Feed. Do visit for more info. There's lots of it! Also has many other features not mentioned here. It gives very detailed info about you.. Sep 14, 4. Sep 14, 5. Sep 14, 6.

free synastry configuration hunter

I like astrotheme, astro. Com, Linda goodman. Sep 14, 7. Check, check, check.

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Sep 14, 8. I like Linda Goodman too Sep 14, 9. Sep 14, Sep 15, Rom is nice He's very insightful.

I would also recommend reading as many books as you can find on the topic. Let me know if that works.

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  • Thanks for the advice but I just tried opening it from another browser and it worked. So no bugs, my bad.

    Software Astrology Divination Religion and Spirituality

    Thank you for this tool, very handy It doesn't work in internet explorer it seems, but I could get it to work in Firefox. Have you thought of expanding this good tool into synastry and composite midpoints to one's natal? To see when planets of a partner or family member play a role in activating your midpoints? Thanks for the bug reports, I'll look into them asap. I do plan on expanding it to work with synastry charts which would most likely involve having a profile where you can store several people's data. That's definitely on the agenda. My next project is going to be an astrocartography system.

    Basically, I'm planning on moving country soon due to getting money from the sale of a house and so have been interested in relocational astrology. Unfortunately, there's not many comprehensive tools out there to work out the best place to move to based on your chart So I'd like to make a system which comprehensively works out the best places for someone to live Either way, it will involve a type of synastry between the natal and relocated chart, so I'll knock out midpoint synastry while I'm doing that.

    Thanks for the details, unfortunately, it means almost nothing to me. I get my details longhand from the ephemeris and shunt the chart about on the PC to time the events. Eclipses are so rare, but there are perhaps two dozen in a year within 1 degree of declination and these are in Raphaels. So a lot of my work is done, the aspectarian in the ephemeris gives progressed parallels and astro. So I am more than good for sources. Cool, I might be able to bash something together since I'd actually find that pretty useful for myself as well. Having the system figure out when the next parallel or eclipse happens would be more tricky since the date is not user specified Thanks for the reply let me try and explain my needs.

    Through observance,practice and rite I have noticed that aspects on the plane of the ecliptic generally empower us.

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    However, to my mind, this absorbed energy [I'll call it light to make it easier for me] does little to assist us and tends to generate complacency and what I sarcastically call 'Stella Obesity'. In a rite an outcome is desired and the funny thing is that the outcome can occur before, with or after the rite. Over the 40 year of work with these mechanisms I began to notice that the outcome generally coincided with the parallel of the planets in the rite. Ebertin found that transits in declination coincided remarkably with events, Hutcheon found that events rarely happened without a concurrent declination transit and says "transits in longitude without major directions or transits in declination were spotty at least".

    My site goes into parallels etc. Mood swings: The parallel aspects of transiting planets can deplete your energy.

    8 Reasons why Pluto should have planet status

    Detox: Eclipses are not just for heralding cataclysmic change. Elixir and Talismans: Turning water into astrological energy drinks. Phew ok. So finally, my needs, which I can accomplish longhand; is for perhaps an app or such like. Finding times when your light output is beneficial for- getting a job, buying something oh well just about anything really. I have just found that water with a parallel in a vaporizer, you know the ones with the t lights in them, work great with the appropriate essential oils added. With a spray, things can be consecrated.

    Western and vedic astrology

    With an appropriate water, a room and those in it can be peeped for a party or some other event. So you see, personal events in ones life can be enlarged or reduced at will. An app for all seasons and reasons. Are you game? He He He. Last edited by Kijuki; at PM.